12 Jun

Leadership In A Collaborative Environment

In the July/August Issue 2011 of the Harvard Business Review entitled Are You A Collaborative Leader?, we learn some interesting information; “Collaborative leadership is the capacity to engage people and groups outside one’s formal control and inspire them to work toward common goals—despite differences in convictions, cultural values, and operating norms… Most people understand intuitively that collaborative leadership is the opposite of the old command-and-control model, but the differences with a consensus-based approach are more nuanced…” …“Research has consistently shown that diverse teams produce better results, provided they are well led. The ability to bring together people from different backgrounds, disciplines, cultures, and generations and leverage all they have to offer, therefore, is a must-have for leaders…” https://hbr.org/2011/07/are-you-a-collaborative-leader

Do you agree with these quotes?

As a Leader, do you:

  1. Lead collaboratively, or
  2. Lead by consensus, or
  3. Lead by authority and position?

My experience is that position and title do not produce leadership. Leadership is given by the group to the one they choose to follow. Consensus is much like a committee, it often kills ideas. I have a friend that says this well, “I have never seen anything with two heads that lived very long. Collaboration requires commitment to common goals but also leadership that can maximize each contributor’s results.

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Dr. Robert A. Needham
Founder, CollaborateUSA.com

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