9 Jun

CollaborateUSA Blog: Uber-Entrepreneurs

I was reading a couple of articles this week, the first entitled “Millennials are from Mars, Boomers are from Venus” (Money Magazine June 2015, page 52) that really speaks to the differences in the generations especially as it relates to:

  1. Looking for that someone special. Millennials are more about looks and sexual prowess than Boomers.
  2. Getting serious financially. Millennials will likely merge finances before they get married.
  3. Managing Money in relationships. Both groups agree that spending money without an agreement results in domestic strife.

As I think about entrepreneurship and how freelancing will be the largest segment of the workforce by 2020 (just 4.5 years from now) this idea of UBER-Entrepreneurs comes to mind.

When a new leader emerges, like UBER (a taxi alternative), much like Xerox, everything gets branded with that name. Also, like Google, young entrepreneurs dream that their idea will be the next “acquisition” of a multi-billion dollar giant!

Apps are exploding, Millennials dream of creating the next hot app like Boomers dreamed of being the next Fortune 500® business or the next big franchise concept.

Here are some of the latest ideas to go along with the multi-billion dollar medical services field:

  • Private Ambulance Services
  • Senior In-Home Care Services (Non-Licensed Senior Sitters)
  • Senior Shopping Services

By 2030, 20% (60 million) consumers will be over age 65 as compared to 43 million in 2012. By 2050 it is estimated that 33% over 100 million will be above age 65.

Apps are the franchise alternative in the 21st century. CollaborateUSA.com is the place where these ideas can be birthed.

Are you a future UBER-Entrepreneur?

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  1. A perfect example is how the Earth Day Global Team has formed from so many people on this Platform who liked an idea by Founder Rob Gjerde. Sharing ideas, and coming together.

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