13 May

CollaborateUSA Blog: Freelancers

In an Forbes Article dated February 28, 2014, Micha Kaufman asking the question…. “Is the Global Recession over?” sites a recent Gallop Poll that many Americans aren’t convinced that the tide is turning.

According to the Freelancer’s Union 1 in 3 (33% or 42 Million Americans) is an independent worker and by 2020 (just 5 years) it may increase to 50% (1 in 2) of the labor force.  Is this you or the person next to you?

CollaborateUSA was designed for the consumer and the small business owner (the Freelancers).  “If Facebook is for friends and family, LinkedIn is for employees, and Twitter is for media and hype, then CollaborateUSA is for the Freelancer Nation!”, says Dr. Robert A. Needham, founder of CollaborateUSA.

5 Reasons – Freelancers will Rule!

  1. The Internet.  In 2013, 45% of HR departments are changing the way they do business up from 28% the year before.  More products and services are being sold via the Internet.
  2. Technology Empowers People To Work From Anywhere. 91% of Americans now have a cell phone and half them are already Smart Phones.  Apps abound.  CollaborateUSA is a Platform that will empower the Freelancer Nation to emerge by 2020.
  3. Follow The Money.  In 2013, Freelancer income exceed $1.2 Trillion up 20% from 2012.  People like working from home and saving money on commutes, babysitting, and more.
  4. We Want Control Of Our Lives.  Dr. Needham says, “Stop Renting Your Life and Start Owning It Instead!” Millennials are now interested in working their lives in support of a company, they want the freedom to live their life free of the corporate grind.
  5. Personal Brand.  As new Platforms emerge to support the Freelancers, Personal Brand becomes more important that Corporate Brand.  Consider Blogs, YouTube, etc. We must be “agile, not fragile” says, Dr. Needham.

“The many will soon overtake the few” says Dr. Needham in his book Collaborative Commonwealth (Amazon).  The Freelancer is on the rise, and CollaborateUSA is their new home.

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